Be Flexible While Eating Healthy

College Students and Prescription Drug Addiction

1 in 5 college students have admitted to recreational use of Adderall to help them focus or concentrate in their courses. These students also reported that they do not have ADHD, the disorder that the drug was created for.

Common Questions About Alcohol and Drug Detox

It is natural to have questions about alcohol and drug detox, especially when you are considering stepping away from your life to get help for a substance abuse problem. Making the decision to get detox help can be a difficult one, but hopefully these answers will give you peace of mind.

Our Super Hero Chlorella

This fascinating super food has a long list of benefits and has been put under the microscope by many since its discovery. With advances in technology we are now able to utilize more of what it has to offer.

Chlorella Detox

Chlorella is a nutrient dense superfood containing high levels of protein, amino-acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. What makes Chlorella a super detoxifier is the extremely high content of Chlorophyll.

Medical Facts Supporting A Green Tea Diet

Green tea has become quite the fad. You’ll find lots of companies promoting their next wonder product touting it as being based on green tea. Is there any truth to these claims? Let’s look at the medical facts that support use of the green tea diet.

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