Chinese Herbs for Health and Vitality Part 1

The Forgotten Friends: The Secret Role of Intestinal Bacteria

The cutting edge of science is taking us deeper and deeper into the microbial world. This article gives us a brief look into the role of bacteria throughout the body and how beneficial intestinal bacteria can assist you in achieving and maintaining vibrant health.

The Best Body Detox For Your Body

The body is prone to being overloaded with toxins. It therefore becomes a necessity to the best body detox method to get rid of it. It is a matter of getting rid of all the negative elements that has entered the body.

Full Body Detox Using A Homemade Body Cleanse Diet

Detoxifying our bodies is very important. It helps our bodies clean out all the poison present. Overexposure, which happens over a long period, can cause migraines, bronchitis, thrombosis, constipation, and causes most physical disorders.

Benefits of Kombucha: The Best Natural Detox, Glucuronic Acid

The merits of the detoxifying effects of kombucha are without question in spite of the controversy over whether it contains glucuronic acid or not. Conflicting research results themselves, demonstrate the powerful detoxifying qualities that kombucha has!

How To Find The Best Cleanse For Weight Loss

Releasing impurities naturally lends itself to weight loss. While there is no silver bullet, there are several factors to consider when finding a system that is right for you. Read my tips and recommendations on how to find the best cleanse for weight loss.

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