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The Seven Deadly Sins of Chlorine

From damaging our skin to damaging our environment. This article discusses the 7 deadly sins of Chlorine and how it can effect our health and bodies negatively.

How Stress Affects Permanent Weight Loss

Anxiety and depression have a large impact on a person’s health and are set off by traumatic events that occur in a person’s life. These stressors are what cause problems with weight loss and overall health. How a person deals with these traumatic experiences has a major influence on their weight and level of wellness. Understanding how stress affects permanent weight loss, could be the solution that many people need in order to lose those unwanted pounds and achieve a level of wellness.

Have You Pooped Today?

Cleaning the colon may assist with improved digestion and elimination, skin problems, weight issues, and so much more. According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is among the leading causes of cancer related deaths. A well functioning colon is vital to your health and wellbeing!

6 Step Pre-Christmas Detox Diet to Look Fantastic This December

Want to look stunning at Christmas and get yourself in great shape for your New Year endeavors? Well then the boldest who start now will not just look sensational, but will have earned that Christmas break and still be in great shape come January. Let’s start: Step 1: Detox Week one is all about detoxing the body.

Start Here to Instantly Kick the Habit: 21-Day Sugar Detox Begins

What would you be willing to sacrifice to lose a few pounds forever, feel energized throughout the entire day and never dependent on sweet stuff and caffeine to get moving ever again? Wait a minute. Is it even fair for me to start off asking you to make a sacrifice?

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