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7 Collagen Rich Foods

What is collagen? Actually, collagen is a type of protein, which is the primary structural substance found in the connective tissue of animals. Basically, it is composed of amino acids, such as arginine, hydroxyproline, praline, glycine and so on. Given below is a list of 10 foods that can boost collagen in your skin in a natural fashion.

Top Cosmetic Treatments For Anti-Aging

Skin aging is a perplexing biological process triggered by a number of inherent and acquired factors. It’s a relatively unknown fact that skin is a body organ, and that too the largest and the most visible one.As we get older, our skin is one of the first facets that gives away our age.

The Pains of Growing Old

Osteoporosis can be disruptive. But it isn’t impossible to manage. Here are a few steps you can do to manage Osteoporosis.

Do Old Farts Fart More?

Everyone does it but we don’t like talking about it. Fart, that is. While we might come up with euphemisms such as ‘breaking wind’ or ‘fluffing’, fart for some reasons is avoided. This article uses the ‘no-no’ and provides an explanation of this real-life event.

Acheive Younger Looking Skin With Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Our skin goes through a lot over the years, sun damage, acne scars, and general ageing. But there is a way to restore our skin back to its former glory with laser skin resurfacing. This treatment will remove damaged layers of skin, leaving skin looking younger and healthier.

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