Nuts Are The Healthy Snack that does a body good

Detox the Body Using Bentonite Clay As an Alternative

People are always looking for alternative methods to treat different types of diseases and illnesses that they have. It is important to make sure that they are using safe products though. Bentonite Clay is an alternative that is natural and safe to use.

Himalayan Salt Offers Many Benefits for the Mind and Body

People are starting to look for alternative methods to healing their bodies. They are realizing that many of the products that are sold on the market today are actually toxic to the body. Himalayan Salt offers a lot of benefits that people may not realize.

Why Most Addiction Treatment Clinics Have It All Wrong

The fact is that Addiction Treatment in America is an embarrassment. What sense does it make to take a person addicted to drugs and put them on another addictive prescribed drug, and pronounce them cured? This is insanity, yet society acquiesces to this on a continuing basis. The few people that speak out about this are shunned by the medical establishment as quacks, yet guess who is getting the last laugh.

How Effective Is The 12-Step Program In Curing Opiate Addiction?

The 12-Step Program was originally conceived for alcohol addiction. It was never intended to be an approach for drug abuse, but gradually found its way into addiction recovery centers. There has not been a high degree of success with this treatment program for many reasons.

Dealing With Detox Symptoms

Detox… we hear the term being mentioned a lot in casual talk. Be it weight loss, cosmetic issues or digestive problems, detox seems to be the oft suggested solution. All said and done, what does detox actually mean and how does it impact the body.

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