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Home Fragrance – How to Protect Yourself From Toxic Synthetic Fragrances

We are becoming more aware of the dangers of Synthetic Fragrances and Phthalates to our health and our babies. Look for pure therapeutic and certified organic essential oils when purchasing perfumes and body products. We know that the sweet, smelling air fresheners, reed diffusers, body sprays, scented shampoos are made with synthetic fragrances and yes they are bad for you… especially children and pregnant women.

Reasons For Doing A Body Detox

There are a number of reasons to do a body detox to get rid of toxins in your body. Take a look at a few things that cause toxic build-up and what you can do to cleanse your body to stave off disease or lose weight.

Different Ways to Detox the Body

If you are feeling a bit conscious about your health and you keep on asking he question, “How do I detox my body?”, you may want to go through some of the best ways to detoxify. With various experts around, there are so many methods for you cleanse your body and eventually gain better health.

List of Good Transitional Habits for the Mucusless Diet Healing System

Professor Arnold Ehret, the forefather of naturopathy, wrote the Mucusless Diet Healing System in the early 1900s. The diet consists of all kinds of raw and cooked fruits, starchless vegetables, and cooked or raw, mostly green-leaf vegetables. The Mucusless Diet as a Healing System is a combination of individually advised long and short-term fasts, menus that progressively change to non-mucus-forming raw foods, regular colon irrigation, and other detoxifying therepies such as sun-bathing, exercise, etc.

Simple Ways To Detox Your Liver

There are many ways to detoxify your body. If you want to obtain a healthy body, detoxification is the way to go. One of the best organs to detoxify is the liver.

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