ACAI is the Super Food From Brazil

Alkalize or Die – Fact or Fiction?

Your body works hard to maintain proper pH (acid) levels throughout the various tissues in your body. Learn what can happen if these levels are not managed properly and ways to assist this process to help extend your life.

Why Juice Cleansing?

A dirty digestive system is the root of degenerative and acute illness. By starting with the gut, we can start at the source. Juice cleansing allows a break from the exertion of digestion and thus increases vital force throughout the body.

Detoxifying and Exercise Equals a Successful New Years Weight Loss Plan

Detoxification is a process of rejuvenating your body by flushing out toxins out of your systems that have been acquired by unhealthy living habits and foods. The toxins are a part of your body’s process but when the level of the toxins increase, they have to be washed or flushed out. Detox dieting helps you to remove the pollutants and containments that have accumulated due to ingested foods and these toxins can rarely be cannot be cleaned by the body itself.

Why Eating 4500 Calories for Thanksgiving Can Be Zapped Off With a Quick Master Detox

At thanksgiving, the average American will have consumed approximately 4500 calories in just one meal – that’s approximately 3 times more than a man should consume daily and plus that for women. Snacks and dips make up a large proportion of this, but the thanksgiving plate itself will on average contain 3000 calories, plus this estimate by the Calorie Control Council doesn’t include alcohol, where a single glass of wine is 90 calories alone. Of these 4500 calories, 229grams are predicted to be fat, that’s 3 sticks of celery filled with butter.

Cleansing Tips and Trends

If you’ve been keeping an eye on health trends in the past few years, one of the terms you may have come across many times is the word “cleanse.” Whether people are cleansing themselves to lose weight or detoxify their systems, many people have taken to a series of different dietary regimens that they hope will improve their wellbeing.

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