An Apple At Night Puts The Doctor On Welfare

To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse – What Should You Do?

What’s all the hype about? Do you know what cleansing can do to the body? Which cleanse should you do? Is one better than the other?

How to Easily Detox in 20 Minutes or Less

A simple & ancient way of detoxing the body that has worked for thousands of years. Oil pulling is a way of removing unwanted toxins out of your body and is wonderfully inexpensive to do.

Body Detoxification Can Come in Many Forms

When we talk about the word detoxification in medical terms it is used as a cleansing of the liver. Liver detoxification is very important, but most of the toxins that reside in our body are stored in our fat cells. Actually, it has been found that the levels of toxins in visceral fat are 500 times more than the blood serum levels of average people.

What to Consider Before Cleansing

Did you know that some cleansing diets can be harmful to your health? Learn about the fundamentals of a cleansing diet and how to avoid unwanted side effects.

Heavy Metal Testing For Chronic Toxicity Sufferers

This article talks about the effects of exposure to heavy metals, the physiological symptoms of chronic heavy metal toxicity. There is a recommended solution for this condition which starts with heavy metal testing. Treatment involves a mix of western medicine and alternative methods.

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