Can You Survive Eating Only Fruit?

Benefits of Nutritionally Assisted Detox Therapy

Addiction is a serious brain disorder. It can ruin every aspect of a person’s life. Therefore, the decision to get sober is a life-transforming one. Generally, the first step of addiction treatment is detoxification. One of the processes that is gaining popularity is nutritionally assisted detox (NAD).

Water Water Everywhere

Water is so important in our lives. Not only are we made up of water, but drinking it reguarly can do so much to keep us healthy.

Detoxifying Your Face

We all know there are toxins everywhere around us. So how do we keep our faces looking great?

So What’s The Deal With Detoxing Side-Effects, Anyway?

We take a look at some of the common side effects that can occur when patients begin to detoxify their systems. Then we give advice on what to do if you’re feeling uncomfortable during a detoxification regimen.

How to Protect Yourself From EMF’s

For those who are sensitive, EMFs can leave us feeling drained and stressed and although it would be impossible to avoid them completely, there are some simple ways of reducing our exposure and keeping ourselves protected. – Limiting EMF exposure in your home – Only switch on WIFI while you are using it and turn it off while you are sleeping. – Switch phones and computers off when possible and especially keep them out of the room while you are sleeping.

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