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7 Lethal Drug, Alcohol Concoctions That Must Be Avoided

Despite several measures at the federal and state levels, the United States continues to suffer from prescription drug epidemic. In fact, the problem is only growing by the day. Many people are rather misusing drugs and other substances in weird combinations, which bring in bigger threats to the users.

Healthy Living – Three Steps To Smart Detoxification

With so many people jumping on the detox bandwagon and getting involved in various cleansing programs, it’s important for you to stop and consider what works for your body and your life when it comes to detoxification. Most of those juice cleanses in their fancy packaging do nothing positive for your body – in fact, they may do more harm than good.

Elements of Effective Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a complex, but treatable disease. Abusing drugs or alcohol alters the brain functions and the effects tend to linger even after ceasing to use the substance. It can have a gripping impact on the addict leaving him or her in a terrible state, with only sustained treatment being the sole remedy.

Virtual Reality Therapy Helps in Alcohol Cravings: Study

Virtual reality treatment is usually recommended to people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and phobias. The therapy has found several high priests who believe it to be a successful procedure in addressing issues like PTSD. However, a new study also suggests that this therapy can actually also help people with alcohol dependence.

Detox Tea – Fitness Revolutionized

As the lifestyle towards organic and natural living is in trend today, the idea of using tea for health is the best way of treating ailments that too by the means of detoxification and weight loss. The finest way to put things in place is simply by putting the right tea into your cup.

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