Drink Beet Juice for Brain Health

How Bamboo Salt Compares To Table Salt

The salt taken by our ancestor is unpolluted sea salt. However, due to modern civilization, the sea is polluted. Sea salt is no longer safe to consume. To prevent the heavy metals taken accompanied with salt into the human body, the table salt is introduced. The table salt is a refined version of sea salt produced for safe consumption. However, during the process of table salt, those essential minerals for human body have also been eliminated. Moreover, table salt is not as clean as what we thought. It also contains trace amount of heavy metals and chemical additives which is harmful to health. Good salt must contain more than 60 types of minerals and trace elements and free from contaminants. The bamboo salt is first introduced to the world by Korean in the late 1980s. Bamboo salt is made through a traditional high heat processing method in which the heavy metals is eliminated while the minerals and trace elements is enhanced. It is a better choice of salt compares to table salt.

Liver Detoxification – For a Healthier You

With a build-up of toxins in the body, the liver is over-burdened, severely affecting its health. A weak liver can lead to other health complications; hence, liver detoxification is necessary for overall well-being.

What Is BPS? Awareness of “BPA-Free”

Discover how BPS compares to BPA. Mercola and the Center of Disease Control reveal concerning facts about this compound. Find tips for reducing toxic levels!

The Digestive Strength of Hydrochloric Acid

Digestive issues run rampant among the American population in this era of heavily processed convenience foods. Even those of us who avoid the main offenders might be surprised by how much harm our digestive system receives from consuming prepared foods as opposed to basic raw meals.

Hydrochloric Acid: Your Body’s Natural Cure-All

Modern medicine has made a habit of prescribing pills containing numerous chemical compounds and other mysterious substances instead of seeking out naturally derived and basic solutions to common health problems. By the age of thirty, many of us eating the typical western diet have damaged our stomach’s ability to producing sufficient hydrogen chloride (HCL) to match our intake of processed and dense foods.

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