Fasting for Energy and Health

9 Tips for Effective Juicing – How To Create Great Juicing Recipes

It’s a fact that most of us do not consume enough fruit and vegetables in our daily diet and as a result suffer from a host of health problems. Drinking fruit and vegetable juices daily provide optimal nutrient absorption and supplements an imbalanced diet. I’m going to share some simple tips on how to practice effective juicing and how to create great juicing recipes that will be both nutritious and delicious.

Juicing and Blending – What’s the Difference?

There seems to be a discrepancy of what juicing means and what blending means. Let’s look at the benefits of both and fully understand the purpose of both!

What Are the Benefits of Fasting?

This tells some of the benefits of the ancient practice of fasting. This is the fastest and healthiest way to lose weight.

Cancer Causing Carcinogens, Are They In Your Home?

Carcinogens are in every ones home. Every day products are poisonous. Learn about this in this article.

Vimax Detox – 5 Natural Ingredients Proven to Flush Your Pipes

Vimax is one of the most recent detox supplements that combines 5 natural ingredients: Senna Leaf, Apple Fiber, Rhubarb Root, Ginger Root and Psyllium Husk that will help flush out digestive toxins over the course of 24 to 48 hours, letting you lose a few ponds in the process while eliminating harmful bacteria from the gut. Unlike a number of detox supplements that may include a few side-effects, or treatment effects as the industry like to label them along the way, such as the sudden gushing of the bowels, some minor yet unfamiliar bowel movements plus a change…

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