Fruit Has All the Benefits A Body Needs

Federal Laws Need Amendment to Prevent Incarceration of Addicts

Addiction is not a crime but a disease which needs treatment, compassion, and unbridled support, rather than just incarceration, which only exacerbates the predicament. Amendment to some laws can help the cause of addicts languishing in prisons.

Detoxifying Carcinogens in Smokers Through Watercress Extract

Watercress extract can be a potent detoxifier for smokers, according to a recent study. If taken multiple times a day, it has the ability to detoxify carcinogens produced in the body due to prolonged cigarette use. Watercress is an aquatic or semi-aquatic perennial plant that is one of the oldest leafy vegetables consumed by humans.

A Detoxing Approach With A Difference: The Natural Way!

A detox is often done for the wrong reason and not always for the best of outcome. Not all detoxification programs are safe. No one should just hop in and start to detoxify because they have read or heard something about it. A severe detoxify program can become dangerous. This should only be done for serious health reasons and monitored by a professional person. Changing from a wrong diet to a good one is already a natural way of detoxifying. If this is the case your body will detoxify by itself every day, or better still, all day long.

Quitting Smoking During Alcohol Detox Enhances Likelihood of Long-Term Sobriety: Study

Alcoholics have a higher proclivity for nicotine as drinking and smoking cigarettes go hand in hand. Previous studies have shown that 80 percent alcoholics smoke cigarettes and that most of these smokers are nicotine dependent. Conversely, people who smoke also have 2-3 times greater risk for alcohol dependence than non-smokers.

Know About Drugs That Help Curb Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a disease with severe effects on body and brain. Certain drugs help curb drinking habit, but they should be taken strictly under a doctor’s supervision because unauthorized use may lead to serious implications and can be fatal for users.

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