Longevity is More Than Just Genetics…Much More!

The Raw Food Detox Diet: Myth or Magic?

Eating raw food to become healthy has its pro’s and con’s. So what do we know about raw food detox diets? Do we get the necessary vitamins and minerals? Supplements can be necessary if the food intake is not diverse enougth. Do we cleanse our bodies by detoxing this way?

Reverse Fructose Damage

UCLA new research shows the ability of certain fatty acids to reverse fructose damage to you genes. This is a breakthrough study.

What Your Poo Says About You

Pooping is a normal and essential part of everyday life. Proper bowel movements are important and there are easy ways to identify whether or not you have healthy stools. Here’s the scoop on poop.

Clean Your Body in 3 Easy Ways in a Week

Detox and revitalize your body within a week with those 3 easy steps. Gain new energy and feel great again. I’m very convinced that after reading this article you’ll decide to implement these “tricks” in your everyday life.

Self-Medicating Chronic Pain Leads to Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Study

A large percentage of addicts abusing drugs and alcohol is afflicted with chronic pain and self-medication to manage the pain becomes their gateway to addiction, according to a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine in May 2016. The researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center said that chronic pain in addicts could be the possible reason for the increasing number of substance abuse cases in the United States.

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