Okra is a Natural remedy Against Diabetes, High Cholesterol, And Fatigue

8 Post-Holiday Detox Tips

Some of the most delicious food we eat is during the holidays, especially the winter holidays. But when those holidays are over, we need to get back on track with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Fighting Infections With Your Body’s Natural Acids

Have you noticed your body’s ability to fend off bacterial infections diminishing as you age? Many of us who enjoy the rich and dense foods common in the modern western diet have unknowingly compromised our stomach’s ability to produce hydrochloric acid (HCL), which is an essential agent in not only digesting food, but helping destroy harmful bacteria that often reside in and feast on the foods we consume.

The Healing Effects of Hydrochloric Acid Activators

In pursuit of improved health, many of us seek out foods and actions which might boost our immune systems’ functionality. Whether we’re consuming green tea for its antioxidants or raw foods for their ease of digestion, we can easily augment our efforts by consuming supplemental hydrochloric acid (HCL) in tandem with an HCL activator.

How An Alkaline Detox Diet Can Benefit You

If there is an imbalance in the pH level in your body, you are likely to suffer from a number of health related issues. The overall benefits of an alkaline detoxification diet for your health and well-being, cannot be stressed enough.

Alkalize or Die – Fact or Fiction?

Your body works hard to maintain proper pH (acid) levels throughout the various tissues in your body. Learn what can happen if these levels are not managed properly and ways to assist this process to help extend your life.

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