Sunflower Oil for Youthful Skin and more.

Juice Boosts, Solid Advice For Introducing Juicing Into Your Life

You would be surprised at the variety of fresh produce that can be utilized for juicing purposes. And the delicious taste crammed with all the vitamins you need is an added bonus. Juicing your own ingredients is much healthier than drinking bottled juice, or juice from concentrate. Fresh juice is a tasty healthy treat.

Fasting Is Dangerous!

What is fasting? What are the benefits? Should I consider this practice?

Prepare Your Body for a Detoxifying Lifestyle

This article is about how to prepare the body for a detoxifying lifestyle and diet. Before starting the raw food diet, which is very detoxifying in itself, the body needs to be ready for it. In order to make sure toxins are able to leave the body efficiently, preparatory work needs to be done.

Drinking Brown Sludge Equals the New Me?

A few years back (still in my days of Diet Cokes and Venti skim lattes with 2 Splendas) I had been persuaded by one of my fellow Wall Street colleagues to cleanse with her. It was only a 3 day cleanse and I thought it couldn’t be that bad. I could do anything for 3 days! Ha!! Little did I know. This three day cleanse was more like a three day starvation.

Why ASEA Is a Healthy Product: A Review

The human body has the capability to heal itself. Under the circumstances of which an individual is faced to everyday, the body’s metabolism slows down and is affected in great ways that is evident in being, simply put, unwell. But with the advancements of technology and in medicine, one effective way of treating these diseases would be going down to the basics of cell metabolism, and achieving a homeostatic mechanism.

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