The Fruitarian Diet and Longevity

What’s the Difference Between a Detox and Cleanse?

What started all the questions about detoxing and cleansing? Since Spiro and I just completed the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, a lot of people were asking us what the diet was all about.

Why Is Losing Weight So Hard for Some and Easy for Others?

Achieving a manageable weight is every ones desire with a weight problem. The question here is: “Why can some do it and others not? One answer: Some are positive thinkers and some are not! It is a matter of organizing your mind to organize your weight and health. Of course, there are other things in play to ward off the severe – and often life-long – weight conditions that some people face. Reality check: Should we only blame our body for being overweight or should sluggish metabolism be the blame as well? Then, why is it that some people can eat nonstop without gaining weight while others only need to look at a piece of cake to gain kilos or pounds?

Natural Way for Colon Cleansing

Tired of attempting weight loss programs, exercise regimes and various diet plans? Have you considered trying the colon cleanse method to shed the extra pounds? Colon cleansing is the centre of good health. With the right combination of eating habits in balanced proportions along with regularly flushing the body toxins and fecal matter you can have a stress free, healthy digestive system.

Are You Aware of the Impact of an Unhealthy Colon?

If, you have decided to detox your colons and restore your digestive system, then the obvious confusion that follows is which method of colon cleanse detox to adopt? There are countless colon cleanse methods that assure effective elimination of mucus, toxins and other waste. Here are some screening methods to select the right colon cleanse weight loss supplement.

4 Ways on How to Slow Down Your Ageing Clock

Hitting the rewind button isn’t possible when it comes to ageing, but you can slow down your ageing clock through a number of innovative measures. 1. Exercise – Firstly exercise is key.

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