The Healing Papaya is Anti-Viral and so Much More

How to Protect Yourself Against the Harm of EMF Pollution

Everyday we are bombarded with pollution in the air our food and water and now in the last few decades with the every increasing rise in cell phone use, we are being polluted with Electromagnetic Frequencies EMF’S causing us harm and disease. We have a way of avoiding and protecting against this to bring back the natural balance we all have with the earth ourselves and everyone around us.

Top 10 Tips for Starting Your First Juice Cleanse

Juicing is amazing choice for your health – it cleanses and detoxifies your body, helps you achieve your ideal weight and gives you more energy among many other health benefits. This is why it’s no surprise that more and more people are going through a juice cleanse to gain these benefits. Juice cleansing is a challenging yet rewarding experience especially when it’s your first juice fast. You and your body have to adjust to a new diet from eating solid foods to strictly liquids all throughout your chosen time period. But everything will be worth it once you complete your first juice fast and start feeling the benefits.

Juicing 101: Top 5 Secrets for a Successful Juice Fast

With thousands of different diet fads out there, it’s hard for a beginner to choose which one to pursue. But as more and more people are getting into the “green” bandwagon, it’s no surprise why juice fasting is currently very popular among dieters and health buffs. Juicing can help you cleanse your body, give you more energy, lose weight and more. While the health benefits of juice fasting are incredible, it could be quite challenging especially for a first timer mainly because of the switch from solid foods to green juices. It may not be a walk in the park, but it’s wonderfully rewarding once you complete your first juice fast.

The Top 3 Secrets to a Clearer, More Beautiful Skin While on A Juice Fast

More and more people are getting interested into trying juicing. Juicing is basically extracting the juice out of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking it instead of consuming it the traditional way. Because it is in liquid form, the body is able to absorb the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that fruits and vegetables contain much faster. Weight loss, detoxification, energy gain and strengthened immune system are among the health benefits that juicing offers.

Juicing for Health: The Top 5 Most Powerful Juicing Benefits You Can Gain

If you’re one of thousands of people looking for a way to lose weight, chances are that you’ve heard about juicing. Dieters, health buffs, nutritionists and even celebrities around the world have testified to the wonderful health benefits of this weight loss method. Juicing for health is a challenging yet rewarding experience that involves extracting the juice out of fresh fruits and vegetables for consumption. Fresh juices are easily assimilated by the body compared to when eaten traditionally, that’s why essential nutrients are absorbed by the body faster.

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