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How to Detoxify Your Life Naturally

In today’s chemically polluted world, the need to detoxify one’s life is so essential that it is more important than ever before. For most of the world’s population, daily human activities characterized mostly by a constant fight for survival have contributed to increasing different forms of pollution. Pollution entails toxicity that affects the body, mind, relationships and the environment. Any type of pollution can endanger health to various degrees, not just for humans, but also for animals.

The Distilled Truth About Alkaline Water

The sad truth is that most “experts” have an agenda. They are either plagiarizing or quoting another “experts” to sound knowledgeable and important… or perhaps they actually are important, but needing to stretch the truth about their “special water’s” benefits, while maligning all other types of water (except “Holy”) because they are selling a very, very, very disgustingly profitable water purifier-ionizer to the tune of $6,000. Dr. Andrew Weil (“America’s Doctor”- Newsweek Magazine) refers to alkaline water as a “scam and fraud”.

The Importance of Detoxification for Weight Loss

Some scientists have criticized the natural detoxification process as a buzzword that doesn’t have any scientific rationale or explanation. However, if you can apply a little common sense, you can understand the importance of supporting your natural cleansing system.

The Importance of Mental Detox

These days all of us have a lot of mental toxicity – negative thoughts, beliefs and habits which poison mental health by creating unhappiness and stress. For optimal health, a regular mental detox needs to be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Best Ways To Detox Naturally

Every day, our bodies are exposed to thousands of harmful toxins, and these include chemical byproducts, pesticides, combustion pollutants, toxic metals and industrial compounds. They are harmful for our health, and may lead to ailments like chronic conditions, cardiovascular disorders, obesity, muscle pain or allergies. Some of the most common sources of toxins include personal care products, cosmetics, air pollution, over the counter medicines or prescription drugs. Toxins are also produced in our bodies as a result of metabolic reactions that help break down proteins, fats and sugars into energy. Alternately, when we have to deal with stress, our bodies release toxins.

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