The Use and Study of Herbal Medicine

Why Fasting Is the Ultimate Detox to Improve Your Health

Fasting seems to attract a lot of hype, interest and even opposition. But why? Is it because the common belief that if you don’t eat you will die? What’s incredible is that many of those people who push beliefs like those have never even fasted themselves. Fasting is truly the ultimate detox to improve your health. The benefits are vast, and if you can just rise above others’ opinions you could experience greater vitality, energy, radiant skin as well as a body cleansed of toxins.

Is Detoxing Your Body Beneficial?

Today, more than ever, flushing your system is important because of the alarming substances your body is forced to absorb on a daily basis. Living in heavily polluted environments and eating foods packed with chemicals and preservatives are just a few ways your body is exposed to toxins it cannot rid itself of.

Foods to Support Detox and Cleanse Efforts

Detoxing is about cleansing the body by supporting it with rest and nourishment. You cleanse from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, and then feeding your body with organic, non-GMO foods, you will be protecting yourself from disease. You will also strengthen your body’s ability to maintain optimum health. The foods I include in this article will boost your metabolism and optimize your digestion.

6 Surprising Benefits of Cold Water Therapy for Fat Loss, Detox and Recovery

Latest research has shown that the application of cold temperature to the body can help the body shed excess fat, detox, and recover from exercise more quickly. Exposure to cold can be in the form of cold showers, dipping in a cold pool after the sauna, drinking cold water or partial cold water immersion.

Spring Cleaning – A New Healthier YOU!

We always think of spring cleaning for our homes but we can spring clean our bodies too. Let’s look at ways to do just that!

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