Total Body Rejuvenation at Home

Long Term Ways To Detox Your Body And Lose Weight Without Working Out

There are many detox programs available for you to choose from. Some are full body detoxification and others target specific organs. Generally doing a full blown hard core detox can have some minor short term side effects on your body, for example excessive use of the restroom.

How to Beat Caffeine Addiction

This article gives 12 healthy suggestions for ending your caffeine addiction using a holistic approach that is kind to your body and mind. It will include suggestions such as tapering, suggestions for alternatives to coffee, and a few supplements for adrenal fatigue.

List of Pus and Mucus-Forming Foods

From a mucusless perspective, pus and mucus-forming foods are understood to be “acid-forming” inside the human body. Such foods create an acidic internal environment that is detrimental to wellness.

Probiotics Needed For Health Benefits

Probiotics means for life and are live bacteria that benefit the host intestinal microbial balance. Probiotics are commonly found in yogurt, soy, or dietary supplements and also delivered in a suppository form through fecal transplants from a healthy donor to an infected person. Probiotics benefit the host by changing the host’s microbial population inhibiting germs, viruses, and bacteria which cause disease in a host.

List of Mucusless (Mucus-Free) Foods

The overeating of pus, mucus, and acid-forming foods is a problem of epidemic proportions today! But many people do not even realize how harmful mucus-forming foods are to health and well-being. Further, few people know what foods are actually mucusless (mucus-free). In the following article we will explore what foods are mucus-free.

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